Accounting Service Subscription

With our accounting service subscription, we aim to let you concentrate on your business without wasting energy on document compilation and editing. We offer you our expert accounting services:

Analytical and synthetical accounting; Audit service; Drafting of documents regarding the Value Added Tax; Salaries; Representation in front of the National Revenue Agency, the National Social Security Institute and other national institutes; Compiling quarterly and annual reports for Bulgarian National Bank, National statistical institute and other administrative services.

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Annual Audit Report

The annual audit report is a process in which the information about the activity of a firm is summarized through the fiscal year. We include this service in our accounting service subscription plan, but we also offer it to companies without monthly subscription.

The annual audit report consists of :

  • Review of the company documents
  • Advice about draft and storage of the primary accounting documents and registers if it is necessary
  • Sorting, classifying and editing of the whole accounting information for the fiscal year
  • Drafting of annual fiscal reports
  • Drafting of consolidated reports
  • Drafting a report towards the National statistical institute
  • Advice regarding tax planning for the next fiscal year.

That way the client is both spared from sanctions and has planned the next financial year with the help of our specialists.

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One-time Services

With the help of our experts and specialists we offer one-time accounting services for individuals and legal entities. These include :

  • Drafting of annual tax declarations for individuals who are required to submit those documents. According to the provided documents, we draft an annual tax declaration and a payment order.
  • Consultations regarding tax and social security topics. For employers who have disputes with employees; For employees who think their rights have been impaired and need specialized advice. We offer verbal consultation in our office ( with an appointment ) or we could send you our written advice about a topic.
  • Preparation of documents and reports needed for candidacy in front of several financial institutions. When applying for a loan, banks require reports about the financial status of your company.
  • Analysis and tax planning for investment purposes for individual and legal entities, both local and foreign.

Independent Financial Audit

The independent financial audit is done according to the International Audit Standards and assesses the credibility of the accounting reports. This process conducts checks on the accounting and financial documentation through the whole year, so it can assess the credibility of the current accounting, affecting the property and financial status of the company and the authenticity of the annual financial report.

  • Audit on project reports, financed through the European Union
  • Audit for banks and other creditors
  • Assistance with the preparation of financial reports.

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Legal Services

We work in collaboration with a highly qualified team of lawyers to meet our clients needs for legal assistance.

Before registration it is crucial to take into account a number of peculiarities and problems, from a tax and legal point of view regarding the type of business entity – Sole Proprietorship, LTD , Joint-Stock companies and other partnerships.

These entities have different regulations and can prove troublesome in future dispute.

Professional assistance with the registration of a company can save the owners time and money in the future development of the firm.

We offer services regarding changes in the registration of current firms like :

  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Share transfers
  • Increasing or decreasing of the core capital
  • Registering new partners
  • Registering foreign companies with an economic activity in the country.


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Insurance Services

Insurance for property, civil liability, AutoCasco

  • Representation in front of Insurance companies
  • Description of damages
  • Service of foreign citizens

Our clients are given preferential prices.


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Translation Services

Expert document translations. Legalization